With gymnastic rings, you can get a great workout at home without big investments. Gymnastic rings fit into every home and style. Over 30 safe exercise moves for the whole body (using only your own body weight as resistance).

Whether you are an experienced gymnast or a beginner, gymnastics rings suit everyone. Children, too, love to play with gymnastic rings, often for long periods of time.

Often asked about ordering from us:
Price shown includes all taxes, tolls and fees to ship the product to your address in Norway. There are no extra or hidden fees, just the price shown. With Klarna invoice you can pay your order after you have received and accepted delivery. If product is damaged or missing during delivery we are responsible. In such matter you can choose new delivery at no cost or refund. Estimated delivery time with DHL is 2-4 working days depending on the area you live in Norway. We are the biggest gymnastic products manufacturer in Finland and we are best known for high quality.